Hemp Well’s Enforcement of Minimum Advertised Pricing, Unauthorized Sellers

Hemp Well strongly enforces our MAP policy online and through other sales channels. All dealers agree to never promote our products below 20% of the MSRP. All MSRP’s can be found on distributor catalogs, our dealer pricing sheets or at any time on our product listings at HempWell.com. In addition, all resellers and distributors agree never to sell our products through online marketplaces like Amazon or Chewy.

MAP only works when it is enforced

Hemp Well understands the full impact that e-Commerce can have on other sales channels. Unauthorized 3rd party sellers view pricing as an after-thought and not the foundation of a business plan. This thinking interferes with productive conversations between our brand and our retail partners about upcoming products and other important marketing considerations.

As a registered trademark, Hemp Well enjoys protections that many of our peers do not. Our trademark registration allows our brand to be recognized by Amazon – we have the ability to remove listings of Hemp Well products not authorized to sell – and often counterfeit. Our Amazon strategy, to date, has simply been maintaining a presence. This allows us to protect the brand. Our team receives the same request every two days, ‘can we sell your products on Amazon?” Companies both large and small receive the same answer.

Google Shopping can be a great place for retailers to market products for sale online. The platform targets individuals looking to seek out specific products or brands. Intent buyers. Google abides by local trademark laws and requires that Google Ads ads don’t infringe third party trademarks. As a registered trademark we have been able to stop sellers from using our protected marks ‘Hemp Well’ in any headline, keyword, image or ad copy without prior approval from us. We find this an easier approach than enforcing pricing violations – often from unauthorized reseller accounts. If you are selling our products on Google Shopping or Ads and believe in maintaining a strong MAP, give us a call. We love Google almost as much as pets.

Our policies are in place to do three things;

  • Allow buyers to find genuine, non-counterfeit Hemp Well products easily.
  • Protect margins so our products can be properly advertised and supported at the retail level.
  • Build a strong brand that consumers trust.


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