Online Resellers (Can) Kill Brands

Online Resellers (Can) Kill Brands

If you are in my business, these unauthorized resellers can destroy you.

Maintaining and building a brand is job #1 for any smart company. You control corporate logos, colors and images with your retail partners. However, sometimes rogue online thugs will get your products, promote them through eBay and Amazon, and often with zero regard for your brand standards.

These bandits rewrite copy, use pirated product images and make a mess of what you spend every day building. They don’t care. They exist to make small margins on thousands of available products. Your brand means nothing to them.

While Hemp Well has always maintained an Online Reseller Policy (DON’T DO IT WITHOUT CONSENT) our products still end up in the hands of these pirates.

For us in the hemp (cannabis) business it is important to never make claims (cures cancer). However, our products have appeared online with unfounded claims and typos. This has resulted in certain products being delisted on Amazon (Permanent ban of UPC). It has also led to calls from regulators confusing them with us.

Luckily for Hemp Well, we have a trademark and can assail the pirates easier than most. Our trademark allows us to create create a consistent message to our customers, and, it allows us to remain compliant.

Once your products find their way into the marketplace, they will also find their way to Amazon and Ebay. To the unauthorized, disguised, parasites selling Hemp Well products; “delist and build something of your own.”