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Help us to change the world one pet at a time.

Our hemp oil is sourced from some of the finest cultivators in the world. All of our supplier’s farms maintain extremely high standards and implement organic practices.

Our team belongs to or has worked with state and federal regulators from AAFCO and the FDA, several medical doctors and labs, the National Animal Supplement Council, the Hemp Industries Association, industry leaders, the US Trademark Office, and lawyers with all kinds of specialities all to ensure that our products and their messages are compliant and that our pets’ health and our business’ reputations are safe.

We have been in the business for nearly a decade.

You’ve Decided to Carry Hemp Well, Now What?

The Plan

Customers are already aware of hemp and CBD products for their pets as more and more pet owners are actively seeking out hemp products. We understand the online personalities of pet parents. Our team (former Googlers) will drive new customers to your store looking for a natural and organic alternative to supplementing health

If we at Hemp Well had to close our eyes and describe to you what a hemp customer (or a future hemp customer) would look like we would begin by…

How Hemp Well can help you position your store

Because of the nature of the emerging hemp market, and the ever-increasing consumer awareness of hemp products and their benefits, simply carrying a product such as Hemp Well can make a consumer think of your business in a different light than your competitor.