Your Action Plan

Lead The Pack

It’s not enough anymore to just have a great product like Hemp Well in your store. We know some of the things that you face.

All stores and markets are different and at Hemp Well we have been constantly evolving as we grow. We have assembled a good amount of marketing materials for you. Some materials can educate and compliantly (legally) explain to your customers and staff the benefits of Hemp Well. Other materials can help promote Hemp Well sales for you – from isle invaders to comparison charts to artwork. We’ve invested quite a bit back into marketing and, as we all have experienced, it’s one thing to get a product on the shelf and its another to get it off the self. You can find our current marketing materials available to you on our Assets Page. P.S. We’re always looking to update and add new materials so if you have an idea that might be worthwhile to others just send us an email and we’ll respond..

Placement, Positioning, Support, More.

Actually as biased as it may sound, displaying Hemp Well products at the checkout may work the best for you. First of all, its highly visible and it can tell your customers a lot about your store – it can tell them that your store is up to date, that natural and sustainable products mean something to you, and that your store carries premium products that can differentiate your store from your competitors. See, good placement done right can create warm and fuzzy feeling that customers may, consciously or subconsciously, use in their future purchase decision making. The second reason counter placement is advantages is because this is where your sales staff will most likely initiate a conversation with the customer and hemp’s uniqueness is an excellent prop. Third, counter placement re-enforces security (less likely stolen). All from just waiting in line to cash out. And on top of it all, our 2 ounce bottles take up very little space. Put it up front.

If the counter is not an option, Hemp Well will also live very well in the supplement aisle; we love to compete. Our lock case offers added theft security and the case draws attention. Some retailers lock our products up in their own secured displays or in the manager’s office. Whatever your unique situation, we are prepared to help you find the very best placement and display solution for your store.

Your team is your biggest asset, we know that too. One of the more important parts in the pet industry, and a difficult part, is transferring your knowledge to your customer: educating your customer. We can help with that. We take training seriously. To support you, we’ve invested in retail training: both videos and traditional computer training. We have more videos planned. Take a look at our HEMP 101 training; it’s well worth the 15 minutes and will pay dividends. To reinforce the training we also send along, with each order, employee training cards which include the main talking points. We believe in training, product samples and rep pizza lunches.

Customers are already aware of hemp and CBD products for their pets as more and more pet owners are actively seeking out hemp products. We understand the online personalities of pet parents. Our team (former Googlers) will drive new customers to your store looking for a natural and organic alternative to supplementing health.

We are bringing a brand new customer in to your store. Someone specifically looking looking for hemp. Not dog food. Not treats. #JustHemp

While Hemp Well is relatively new to the pet market (4 years), our ownership team has over 80 years combined experience in pet supplements. We understand marketing plans, shipping times, promotions, fulfillment rates, and re-sets. Whether you purchase Hemp Well through a distributor or direct, you will get the same level of service. In today’s world we may appear to be very high tech in our approach, but actually we are extremely responsive at the personal level.

Training Your Staff

We support stores through training online, in-person and over the phone. We have reps throughout the country and our internal reps are always in the car or on a plane. Getting your team the right information is the most important and effective choice.