Why Hemp (CBD) In My Store?

If we at Hemp Well had to close our eyes and describe to you what a hemp customer (or a future hemp customer) would look like we would begin by separating those pet owners that have knowledge about their pet’s nutritional needs (including those that could be educated on nutrition) from those that don’t.

If we had to make another guess and describe the importance of nutritionally minded customers to the pet industries on a sales per customer basis…, well, it stands to reason that nutritionally minded customs would fit into the 20/80 business rule which says a fewer number of customers (20) spend larger amounts of money (80). Simply stated, some customers are financially disproportionate more important than others.

It also stands to reason that if a knowledgeable customer felt that the potential benefit from hemp could assist in the health of their pet, then that knowledgeable customer would frequent the store that carries hemp products. If it was your customer seeking to purchase a hemp product and they had to frequent another store for their hemp purchase the danger is that their shopping habits might change. (see How Hemp Well can help position your store)

Hemp is one of those emerging products that has increasing public interest at an increasingly greater rate. The reason for the interest is that everyday people are learning the benefits of hemp every day, and they are communicating with each other about their experiences. Internet customer satisfaction ratings tell the story. The word is spreading.

The view above of losing a customer is a negative view. Instead, we will take the positive view; the hemp market is emerging, and emerging quickly, especially in light of communications today, and that it’s not only a chance to strengthen your bond with your current customers but a chance to steal someone else’s 20/80.

Let us just finish up by quoting an old-time retail guru, Peter Glen, “Your store must be a destination. It’s got to be worth the trip. It’s got to be worth the hassle.”